Thank you for making it to the goodies page. Enjoy browsing through my various home made products and see what takes your fancy.

Here's how you can buy my goodies:

You pay for whatever goodies you are interested in through paypal and send me a message through my website to say you have done so. I then will, for downloads email you a unique link through which you can collect your download at dropbox. Except for times, where i might temporarily be without internet, you should receive your email with the link shortly after you send me your message, but latest 7 days after. The files will be wav if audio, pdf if text based and jpg if picture/graphics.

Apart from wanting to stay light & not having stacks of everything piling up, it also uses less resources, and therefore is more practical to go with the "online download shopping" trend wherever possible instead of sending you products through the post. (Sad as it is, as getting something through the post is still so exciting. Apologies for not being able to provide you with the "physical posted version" and hope you will still have fun with the downloads)

However, for items, such as purses, dresses/crafts the old postal system still rules! I make dresses, skirts and crafts to order, so take a look at the designs and choices on the gallery page. Colours & materials vary as the products are made from second hand materials. But we can communicate about what you have in mind and what is possible!

Meme It! Card Game

Meme It! is a fun card game for 2 - any number of players aged 10 & above. It contains 40 x 40 caption and image cards you can create endless combos with.
Vintage style design & vibrant colour custom print. Game comes in an upcycled jeans pouch. 50,- GBP

Personalise your game:

For a perfect Wedding, Valentines, X mas or Birthday gift, surprise your loved ones with a personalised version of this game, with actual snapshots of your
memories together. Simply send me 40 (or less, and I make up the rest with other available images) of your funniest/oddest photos. I will then edit and integrate them into the card design offline and print them. All personal photos will be treated strictly confidentially, offline, only for my use during the editing process and complete deletion after successful printing and delivery to you. The price will range between 80,- - 150,- GBP depending on the amount of personalised pictures ordered.

TimeLines Collected Poems, Photographs & Illustrations by Katharina Heinrich

This is a collection (48 Pages) of my poetry, literary musings on (extra) ordinary miracles, drawings and photography spanning at least 16 years of my life, now available as pdf download in b&w. Enjoy! 12,- GBP

Kat's creative Ukulele Book - learn playfully - play knowingly

Through years of playing and teaching adults and children and giving over 100 workshops for beginners & advanced players, I have developed this book, which, unlike many uke guides out there, is more of an overview and collection of original tunes than a fool proof step-by-step instructor. It serves well as a complementary book to other ukulele guides and to my individual lessons and workshops, or simply as a resource of fun tunes to play.

- Overview of theoretical & practical aspects covering music theory and technicalities of playing & exercises to grasp these concepts
- 36 instrumental compositions for solo, Duet and Ensemble (different grades from easy to advanced) in GCEA tuning
- Chord Overview - Strumming and Picking Pattern Overview
- Pairs & "Black Ukulele" Game for laminating and playing to understand music theory in a fun way
- Ukulele Mandala for colouring in
- Useful overview of Strumming and Plucking Patterns
- Helpful pointers for practising
- Over 70 mp3s backing tracks, as seperate Accompaniment and Melody parts to play along to, and complete to hear whats its supposed to sound like

currently only available as E-Book PDF file (and mp3 files for the backing tracks) which I will send you after payment to your mentioned email adress via we transfer, due to the volume of the files


Juice Carton Purses

These juice carton purses come in lots of different designs and colours depending on availability so when you order one, it will be a surprise!
The material is very sturdy, water resistant and does stretch a little with time. Its wide enough to hold business and credit cards, bills and small change, and lasts anything between 6 months to 2 years. (Ive been using mine for over a year now) They make great, unique gifts and are made from american or german cartons.
See more pics of my juice carton purses on the gallery page. 10,- GB British Pounds inclusive of postage.

Somebody (whole Album)

This is my Debut Album, recorded and produced by Mark Remes in 1998 in Stroud, featuring fabulous musicians from the local music scene. It contains 10 tracks as Wav files and comes complete with Album Cover sleeve & lyrics sheet in pdf format for print out. 15.- GBP

Being Human (whole Album)

This Album was recorded in 2006 in Gloucester with and by an incredible crew! 12 Tracks of soulful jazz/folk as WAV files. Complete with Album cover sleeve,lyric sheets and behind-the-scenes pics in pdf format for print out. 15,- GB British Pounds

Love for Life (whole Album)

This Album has been recorded in 2002 at Bonafide Studios London and 11 A Studios Gloucester and contains 14 Tracks. Produced by Jeff Spencer, I'm proud to feature fabulous musicians. Complete with album cover sleeve, lyrics and behind- the - scenes pics as wav files & pdf files for print out. 15,- GB British Pounds.

Kats kreative Ukulele Fiebel Aus der Praxis -für die Praxis

Diese Ukuleleschule habe ich durch den intensiven Einzel Ukulele Unterricht mit Kindern & Erwachsenen sowie über 300 Ukuleleworkshops für Anfänger und Aufsteiger entwickelt. Sie deckt viele Aspekte des Spielens ab, ist allerdings nicht idioten sicher, da der Inhalt mehr als Überblick als als Step-by-Step guide gedacht ist, und dient daher sehr gut als Ergänzung zu anderen Ukuleleschulen.
Das Buch enthält
- Musiktheoretische Aspkete im Überblick & Übungen dazu, die für das Ukulelespielen wichtig sind
- 36 Instrumentalkompositionen für mehrere Ukulelen (verschiedene Schwierigkeitsgrade von leicht bis schwer) mit Noten, Tabs & Akkorde
- Akkordüberblick
- Tipps & Schwerpunkte beim Üben
- Zupf & Rhythmusmuster Überblick
- über 70 mp3s backing tracks als getrennte Begleitung & Melodie Version zum Mitspielen, und zusammen zum Hören wie es klingen soll

Die Ukulelefiebel ist als e Buch in PDF & mp3 Format erhältlich, dass dann an die gewünschte email Adresse geschickt wird. Wegen der grossen Datenmenge, werden die Dateien via wetransfer geschickt. Wenn man diese email erhält sollte man die Dateien innerhalb 6 Tagen herunterladen, da sie sich danach wieder löschen.

Preis: €20,-